F66 - Corrugated Board Converting

F66 machinery

Corrugated Board Converting


HUBEI JINGSHAN LIGHT INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY / CORRUGATOR LINE / Year Of Production: 2006 / Transverse And Longitudinal Cutting Machine Year: 2010 / Machine Width: 2.200 mm / Max. Speed Of The Machine Drive: 170 m per min. / Operating Speed: 150 m per min. (Depending On The Speed Of The Unit) / LHDPG Line / Min. Working Width: 1.400 mm / Max. Working Width: 2.200 mm / Min. Length Of Cut Sheet: 500 mm / Max. Length Of Cut Sheet: 3.500 mm / Stacking Height: 1.700 mm / Max. Cardboard Weight: 200 g per m2 / Corrugator Profiles E, B, C / All Corrugated Rolls NEW

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