F66 machinery

Corrugated Board Converting


AUTOBOX HIPAK 2600 / BOXMAKER / High Speed: Up To 100 m per min. / Materials: Single-Wall & Double-Wall (max. 10mm) / Box Styles: Over 50 FEFCO Styles / Max. Blank Size: 2.600mm x Any Length / Min. Blank Size: 100mm x 330mm / Standard Max. Slot Length: 508mm / Min. 208mm / Max. 708mm / Distance Between Slotting Knives: Max. 1.800mm / Slotting Knife Thickness: 7mm Standard (10mm Optional) / Typical Set-up Time: 60 seconds / Power Requirements: 415V 3-phase, 50-60Hz, 8 amps / Overall Dimensions: Approx. 3.000mm Wide x 2.100mm Long (Excl. Table) x 1.255mm Height (approx.) / Visible Installed But NOT In Production / In Excellent Conditions

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