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Corrugated Board Converting



Knight Achille Bizzozero has start at Milan in 1939 the manufacture of wire stitchers for paper binding an for carton boxes. He has after amplified the range of the manufactured machines to all the corrugated carton packing industry. The Engineers of the same Bizzozero has bought the Bizzozero factory in 1984 and have carried on the firm and keep abreast of the technology of one's age by the manufacture of new machines. The rapid commercial success has obliged Bizzozero to transfer the factory to a new buildings of SM 5000 in Usmate Velate that he owns and produce his machine in the sphere of Milan. Bizzozero has projected and produced In more than 70 years of workings some tens of machines and wire stitchers types for paper binding and for corrugated carton converting. About 3000 machines and wire stitchers manufactured by Bizzozero now are working in the world and Bizzozero satisfy any demand of spare parts and technical datum: it is the testimony of the first rate technology of Bizzozero and of the efficient assistance for the long lasting of the machines. The Bizzozero Engineers that since 30 years manages the Company keep high the technical skill of the Bizzozero Staff and project and manufacture new machines at high technology that are proposed at the market by the trade mark "CLEVER" or "CLEVER MACHINES THAT MAKE MORE THAN OTHER MACHINES".


Transversal BOXMAKER for the scoring, slotting, diecutting, slitting and printing of corrugated carton sheets in order to produce variegated shapes packages of more than 100 FEFCO codes. It is a Working Center for the low-cost production of small and big size corrugated boxes in one go and one piece. It is is the BOXMAKER for the economic production of small and medium quantities of boxes thanks to short set-up time (from 2 to 4 minutes) and high output. Now the BOXMASTER works with the "CLEVER" control that lets a slotting cycle in less 0,5" and can produce big case FEFCO code 201 or 203 theoretically working 10.000 sqm of corrugated carton in one hour. It can execute: In the machine direction scoring and trimming / slitting 2-out / accessories die-cuttings; In the cross machine direction:- slotting and creasing - cut-off, Crushing manufacturer's joint / stitching tab (40 mm. max), Half-cut (e.g. for boxes with fold-down panel). It can be equipped with 1 or 2 Small flexo printer also for 2 parallel colors, max. printing each 300 x 500 mm. It can work with the feeding sheets by hand or by the automatic feeding of the sheets by MASTERFEED. The Boxmaster can have inline 1 or 2 JUMBO FLEXO VARIABLE 2600. A patented CLEVER DIE CUTTER can work in line in order to execute all FEFCO codes without slowing of the BOXMASTER. The corrugated sheet, is seized by the pull-rolls and the electronically controlled drive will position automatically at each working station where the relative tool is activated by the program. The CLEVER system lets a slotting cycle in less than 0,5" with an hour production of more than 700 boxes FEFCO code 0201. The speed set up by the archives of the cases data, the possible speed hand set of the tools and fast lock of the tools by compressed air is made in few minutes Remote control by Teleservice and possibility of remote programming of the cases data. Control of the machine and set-up by interface HMI Touch Screen 15''.


Sheet size min: 360 x 620 mm 

Sheet size max: 2.810 x 10.000 mm 

Board thickness: 2,5 mm to 16 mm 

Working precision: ± 1 mm 

Machine speed: continuous variation from 0 to 180 mt / 1'

Cycle-time slotting / cutting bar: 0,5 sec. approx.

Minimum between 2 creasers: 30 mm / 0 mm on 2 shafts

Minimum between 2 slitters: 50 mm

Thickness slotting knives: 8 or 10 mm


This semiautomatic Stitcher is equipped with Oscillating head Model 2002 (700 stitches per min for semiautomatic stitcher, 1000 stitches per min for automatic stitcher) and is suitable for stitching, gluing or both gluing-stitching boxes of corrugated cardboard of various types. The machine normally is made by the elevator feed table, the stitching-gluing unit and the counter / stacker / ejector of packs. The using feed table has rollers to assist the loading-positioning of the corrugated board. Size on using feed table mm 3500 x 1030. Max up and down movement is 1050 mm. Automatic adjustment of stack height at infeed point. Standard length of counter ejector can be extended by a further 2000 mm on request. Automatic pile count by adjustable pre-set electronics. Electronic control LCD Display of placings and counting stitchs, distance between the stitchs, start and end of the gluing on the box.


Stitches speed: 700/1' 

Stitch width: 14mm 

Maximum thick of stitching: 16mm 

Head inclination: 45° 

Min. distance between stitches: 20mm

Max. distance between stitches when on continuous cycle: 80mm

Minimum distance between stitches when on alternate mode: 150mm 

Working width of machine on demand: 2000 or 2200 or 2400mm

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